The MSceBSCM Programme held a Qlik Sense data visualization workshop for students on 23-24 May 2023. Qlik Sense is a widely-used data analysis tool that leverages AI to help businesses effectively understand and utilize their data, providing them with a significant edge in their growth and development. The workshop was presented by Vantis Consulting Groups, a leading consulting firm dedicated to providing enterprise management solutions and training, with clients such as Lenovo, Dell, and the University of Hong Kong.


The workshop included lectures, case studies, demonstrations, and practical exercises. The workshop aimed to help students gain a deeper understanding of big data, data analysis skills, and their applications in different fields, as well as to teach them how to design, create, and interpret visualized data. Data visualization is a way to transform information into visual content, including maps or charts, that makes it easier for users to identify patterns, trends, and outliers in large datasets. Data visualization plays an important role in almost every industry, helping businesses analyze data efficiently to make appropriate decisions. As a result, it is considered an essential skill for every graduate.


With the generous support of Qlik and Vantis Consulting Groups, and the enthusiastic participation of the students, the workshop was successfully conducted and the Programme plans to organize similar events in the future to help students master their practical skills.

Students’ Feedback


Sharif Muhammad Mudassar:

As a business student, I derived significant value from the Data Visualization Workshop with Qlik Sense, conducted by Vantis Consulting Group and organized by MSceBSCM Programme at Lingnan University. The integration of hands-on tasks and real industry case studies genuinely enriched my learning experience. Through Qlik Sense, we adeptly converted large, complex data sets into understandable visualizations, thereby enabling more informed decision-making. The instructors from Vantis Consulting Group delivered more than theoretical knowledge; they nurtured a deeper, practical understanding of the Qlik Sense software. This experience considerably enhanced my confidence in data-driven decision-making within a business context. I firmly believe this workshop presented a valuable learning opportunity for all attending business students.

Xiao Ershen:

Qlik is a powerful data analytics and visualization platform that enables users to quickly and efficiently derive insights from vast amounts of data. This course provided me with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in using Qlik for data analysis and visualization. Taking this course has significantly improved my data analysis and visualization skills. This course mainly introduces Qlik’s associative engine, data loading and transformation, and creating interactive visualizations. I am now better equipped to derive insights from data and communicate those insights effectively using Qlik’s powerful features. The challenges I encountered during the course enhanced my understanding of Qlik. I am eager to continue improving my skills and applying what I learned to real-world scenarios. The instructors provided us with very kind and thorough guidance, and I believe it was a rewarding and meaningful experience for all participants.