On November 30th, our students had the privilege of attending a captivating guest seminar delivered by Prof. LI Xin, a distinguished professor from the Department of Information Systems at the City University of Hong Kong. Prof. LI’s extensive research interests lie in the digital economy, machine learning, network analysis, and applied econometrics. These research areas set the stage for an enlightening discussion on the impact of product photos on consumer interest in the realm of e-commerce.


During the seminar, Prof. LI explored the influence of product photo backgrounds on consumer interest, shedding light on various factors that affect consumer behaviour. Using machine learning methods, he demonstrated how to differentiate foreground and background elements in product photos to facilitate large-scale empirical studies. This enables businesses to create visually appealing photos that effectively communicate their offerings. The seminar also emphasized the significance of brightness and complexity contrast in shaping consumer perception and interest. By strategically utilizing these contrasts, businesses can capture and maintain consumer attention, driving higher engagement. Additionally, Prof. LI discussed how product size and position designed within the frame should be to enhance visual impact. The seminar also delved into distraction factors such as backgrounds and human models, providing insights into their influence on consumer interest. Understanding these distractions helps businesses compose product photos that maintain focus on the product itself and enhance consumer engagement.


Throughout the seminar, Prof. LI shared his research findings, statistical insights, and comprehensive examples to illustrate the concepts discussed. By grounding the discussion in real-world data, he equipped students with a comprehensive grasp of the practical implications of his research. Prof. LI’s use of concrete examples enabled students to connect theory with practice, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the impact of product photos on consumer interest in the e-commerce landscape.


Prof. LI Xin’s guest seminar on the influence of product photos on consumer interest in e-commerce was an enlightening experience for our students. By exploring different features of product photo, Prof. LI provided invaluable insights into consumer behaviour. Following the seminar, students actively engaged in the Q&A session, where Prof. LI eagerly addressed all their questions. The seminar deepened students’ understanding of the impact of product photo backgrounds on consumers, emphasizing its role in shaping consumer attention. We extend our sincere appreciation to Prof. LI for sharing his expertise and enriching our students’ understanding of this fascinating subject.