Board of Examiners

Terms of Reference

  • To maintain the academic standards of the programme at a level appropriate to the award of the degree;
  • To maintain general supervision of the system of continuous assessment;
  • To assess the performance of students in the programme;
  • To maintain the proper conduct of examinations;
  • To approve the final subject results;
  • To deal with grievances and appeals from students; and
  • To report/make recommendations to the Postgraduate Studies Committee under Senate.


Prof. YAN Aihua


Associate Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes Office,
Office of the Faculty of Business
Instructor of CDS504 Business Data Analytics (Term 1)


Dr. LAI Chi Leung Michael

Instructor of CDS506 Best Practices in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management (Term 2)

Prof. LENG Mingming

Dean of the Faculty of Business,
Instructor of CDS511 Project Management with Software (Term 1)

Dr. Albert LEUNG

Instructor of CDS505 Mobile Technology and Applications in eBusiness (Term 1)
& CDS509 E-Commerce Implementation: Planning, Platform Selection, and Execution (Term 2)

Dr. LIAN Wenqi

Instructor of CDS502 Supply Chain Management in eBusiness (Term 1)

Prof. LIANG Liping

Instructor of CDS515 Business Decision Making with Software (Term 2)

Dr. POON Kwok Ho Stephen

Instructor of CDS508 Electronic Marketing (Term 1)

Prof. SEE-TO Wing Kuen Eric

Instructor of CDS501 Fundamentals of Electronic Business (Term 1)

Prof. SHANG Weixin

Instructor of CDS513 Purchasing and Logistics Management for eBusiness (Term 2)

Mr. WONG Chun Cheong Francis

Instructor of CDS510 Social Media for eBusiness & CDS503 Accounting and Financial Technology (Term 2)

Prof. WONG Man Leung

Head of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences

Prof. Eric WT NGAI

External Academic Adviser

Online Application (The application period is from 1 October 2022 to 30 April 2023)