I am delighted to introduce you to our Master of Science (M.Sc.) in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management Programme at Lingnan University’s Department of Computing and Decision Sciences. The one-year, full-time programme is mainly designed to educate students with information technology (IT) background about key management strategies and approaches in the eBusiness environment, and also help students with or without IT background understand and utilize the IT for supply chain integration in the international and global context. Our focus on the management of supply chain operations in eBusiness with international and global issues is in agreement with the high demand for qualified IT and supply chain managers in industry.

We decide to launch this programme because of the natural connection between eBusiness and supply chain management. The Internet is having a significant impact on how firms interact with each other and with their consumers. With the help of the Internet, all firms in a supply chain can achieve low transaction costs among them, high information visibility and sharing, and great capability of managing complex interfaces in the supply chain. The IT staffs in supply chain operations should understand the management strategies and skills, and the logistics or supply chain officers and managers should have the basic IT knowledge. We accordingly design this programme for individuals who are, or intend to be, IT managers, operations managers, eBusiness consultants, project managers, supply chain coordinators and managers, and eBusiness owners. Our M.Sc. programme can provide students the competencies that are essential not only for professionals working in the relevant fields but also for those seeking positions of eBusiness and supply chain management in manufacturing or service organizations. Graduates from this programme are prepared to enter the job market in Hong Kong, the Mainland China, and elsewhere, and they may also choose to pursue Ph.D. and MPhil degrees in Hong Kong and abroad. Our department is committed to excellence in providing education in both IT skills and knowledge and supply chain management strategies and approaches. All instructors for this M.Sc. programme hold doctoral degrees in Computer Sciences, Operations Management, and Management Science, and they have received leading edge IT and supply chain management education with diverse back- grounds and teaching interests centred on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), and Electronic Commerce. Benefiting from our realistic and highly- respected research activities, our industry experiences, and Lingnan University’s quality assurance system, the Department has been providing high quality education services to all of the relevant undergraduate- and postgraduate-level programmes at Lingnan University.

On behalf of all of the programme staffs, I welcome you to join our M.Sc. programme. I do believe that the M.Sc. programme can help make a certain improvement on your background and enhance your career prospects.

Online Application (The Application Starts on 1st October 2021)