Mr KOOK Kaming

2020 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Price auditor of Midea Servotronix

Studying in this program was a worthy and helpful experience. The knowledge acquired from a course named Business Decision Making with Software enlightened me the most. To be specific, this course taught me to optimize profit in many different modes by Microsoft Excel, which integrated different courses I had learnt in business school as an undergraduate. In addition, not only the professors but also the teaching assistants are kind and considerate. They are willing to help me when I have problems in life and during my study. Eventually, I am glad to work in Midea, one of the top 300 biggest company worldwide, and in Servotronix, which is involved in the advanced motion control industry.

Ms TONG Xintong

2020 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Marketing Executive of China Mobile (Hong Kong)

I was very fortunate to study eBusiness and Supply Chain Management at Lingnan University. All the staff in our programme are very enthusiastic and professional, and are willing to help me solve problems. In my one year journey, I am more determined about my future career and better understand what I am pursuing. Now I am engaged in the smart homes market, and the knowledge of Internet of Things I learned in our programme has come in handy. I am really grateful for the well-structured and practical courses arranged by our programme.

Mr WANG Yiqi

2019 Graduate of MSceBSCM

The reason why I chose the MSc eBSCM Programme is that the e-commerce industry has been escalating at a rapid pace and is likely to boom in the coming more years.

During the one-year study, I learnt the way to create mobile applications, the linkage between the supply chain management and the financial management, as well as the electronic marketing, and the application of data mining.

The well-developed courses have given me a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management and e-business.  The programme equips me with the necessary knowledge and practical skills, which significantly improved my employability.

Ms XIE Tian

2018 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Product Manager of CMIM Network CO.,Ltd(China Mobile)

Studying in the programme was an unforgettable and valuable experience. I equipped a lot of professional knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the programme enhanced my problem-solving ability which solves various challenges in my daily life. Every moment with the professors and friends I met at Lingnan University is the thing that I treasure most.

Ms WANG Ting

2018 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Seller Operation Manager of eBay

The Master of Science Programme in eBusiness & Supply Chain Management provides students with mentorship and internship opportunities, as well as other career development initiatives which increased my career readiness for the challenging job markets. The knowledge gained from the course of Business Data Analytics and Electronic Marketing made me stand out from the Alibaba 2018 B2B eCommerce Youth Festival and I was awarded the Best Data Analysis Award in the competition. I am impressed by the serial of professional talks arranged during my studies and find them informative and insightful for my career advancement. After graduation, I was hired by Alibaba and promoted to a managerial position in one year. With the employment impact of the COVID-19, I was still able to get job offers from Tencent, Meituan, Amazon, and eBay. Now I work for eBay as a Seller Operation Manager.


2018 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Sales Manager of Payoneer

I am now a Sales Manager for a financial technology company. Studying at school helped me a lot, especially the course titled in Best Practices in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management. This course taught me a lot about the business model of e-commerce companies. By analyzing each company, I also exercised my analytical skills. I have a deeper understanding of e-commerce. The programme has arranged many meaningful group work and professional development, and we have studied and spent many meaningful nights together. I made some friends and had a wonderful trip. In the next decade, e-commerce, especially cross-border e-commerce, will remain a hot industry. Hopefully, everyone could involve. I wish you all a happy time in the programme, getting a good job in the future. Finally, I will give you a word. Years fly by, but hearts stay in the same place. Thank you!

Ms FAN Jing

2018 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Product Manager of Lalamove

This programme helped me decide my career direction and I met a group of friends and professors in my learning journey. I gained the knowledge about the Internet and supply chain management by participating in the courses and professional activities. I learnt a lot of Internet and logistics cases and software practices in the lectures and gained the practical experience via group projects. On completion of the programme, I have acquired skills and knowledge which are useful in my present job.

Ms WEDEL Anna Katharina Pauline

2018 Graduate of MSceBSCM

This Programme is a great chance to combine supply chain management with today’s online technological world. It prepares us for the current development in the industry and helps us understand complex supply chain issues.


2017 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Data Engineer of KPMG

After graduating from the Master of Science Programme in eBusiness & Supply Chain Management, I was hired by KPMG International as a Data Engineer. This well-designed programme provided me with an integrated knowledge of eBusiness and Supply Chain Management. The course regarding Business Data Analytics ignited my learning interest in Big Data and inspired me to become a Data Engineer. During my studies, I joined the internship at PayPal which enabled me to get exposure to the industry early on and improve my employability.

Ms ZHANG Ruimeng

2017 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Works in Operation Department of China Telecom

It’s my honour to say that I graduated from the programme with good academic result. The programme enhanced my learning by integrating theory and practice. Although the duration of the programme is one year only, it was really helpful for my career development. The presentations trained me up to get the key information in a limited time which improved my confidence and enhanced my knowledge in the fields of the eBusiness and Supply Chain Management. With the abundant experiences acquired in the programme, I was awarded the Outstanding Employee Title in my first job after graduation. All in all, if you are ready to meet a better you, join us!

Mr XIE Xiaofeng

2017 Graduate of MSceBSCM

Data Analyst

MSceBSCM Programme not only broadened my horizons, but also taught much advanced technical knowledge in China and worldwide. The course, Business Data Analytics enhanced my knowledge in data mining, and I found a related job finally. The learning experience in Lingnan is inspiring.

Ms LIANG Shiqi

2017 Graduate of MSceBSCM

eCommerce Operation Officer

The learning journey interested me, and brought me great motivation in career planning in the related industry. I gained a lot of knowledge and skills about e-commerce industry, such as how to smoothly operate the company’s supply chain management; how to use the social platforms to create traffic IP; how to use the knowledge of the web front-end to create their own e-commerce platforms. The systematic and effective teaching benefited me by enhancing my practical skills at work. I appreciate the chance to study in the programme.

Ms SIU Lai Yi, Christina

2017 Graduate of MSceBSCM

I gained a lot of practical experience through working in part-time internship, attending the professional seminars and company visits. I was also inspired by the lectures and extra-curricular activities.

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