Staff-Student Consultation Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To promote understanding between students and teaching staff.
  • To consider feedback from students regarding teaching, learning and course evaluation and issues of importance for enhancing teaching and learning quality.
  • To consider any other matters of concern to students.
  • To review and monitor the learning and teaching quality assurance mechanisms and processes within the programme.
  • To provide feedback to students on changes made to courses and teaching in response to the Course Teaching and Learning Evaluation exercise.
  • To formulate strategies in helping students to learn more effectively.


Prof. YAN Aihua


Associate Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes Office,
Office of the Faculty of Business
Instructor of CDS504 Business Data Analytics


Dr. POON Kwok Ho Stephen

Instructor of CDS508 Electronic Marketing

Mr. WONG Chun Cheong Francis

Instructor of CDS510 Social Media for eBusiness & CDS503 Accounting and Financial Technology

Three student representatives

Online Application (The application period is from 1 October 2022 to 30 April 2023)