MSceBSCM and MScMIB Programme Office organized a company visit to HKTVmall’s headquarters on 5th March 2024. HKTVmall, the largest and leading online shopping mall in Hong Kong, has revolutionized the world of e-commerce by creating a unique digital ecosystem. During the visit, students were able to gain insights into e-commerce warehouse operations and marketing strategies. They witnessed the scale of the warehouse and gained an understanding of its crucial role in supply chain management.


Accompanied by HKTVmall staff, the students were given a comprehensive introduction to the platform’s extensive scale and its key business developments. HKTVmall is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in order to offer an expanded range of services to customers. In addition to its core business, they have recently introduced the “Wet Market Express” service, enabling customers to instantly receive the products they desire, catering to the fast-paced lifestyle demands of modern individuals. Moreover, their latest efforts include the “HKTVlive” live streaming and the “Everuts” personal shopping platform, which provide customers with a wider array of choices and enhance their shopping experience through live streaming channels and global personal shopping services. This set the stage for of the warehouse tour, where students were immersed in various technological systems designed to optimize efficiency and productivity.


The visit to HKTVmall’s headquarters showcased remarkable technological systems in the e-commerce warehouse. The Automated Robotic Pick & Pack Systems streamlined the picking and packing process, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency. The Cross-Belt Sorter System efficiently organized products based on destinations, utilizing conveyor belts with sensors for accurate diversion. The presence of Automated Guided System Vehicles demonstrated autonomous product transportation, contributing to overall efficiency and productivity. The students witnessed first-hand how these advanced technologies intersected with warehousing, optimizing operations and maximizing space utilization.


Aside from the technological aspects, the visit to HKTVmall’s warehouse highlighted the significance of warehouse management in supply chain operations. It emphasized how technology plays an essential role in enhancing efficiency and meeting customer demands in e-commerce warehousing.


Overall, the students left the headquarters with a deepened appreciation for the complexities of e-commerce warehousing. The visit provided them with valuable insights into the advanced technological systems employed in the industry, showcasing the importance of staying informed about emerging technologies in supply chain management. This experience further broadened their understanding of e-commerce marketing strategies within the context of warehouse operations.


Student Feedback

LIN Zitong:

“The visit to HKTVmall’s headquarters was amazing. It was incredible to see the operations of the warehouse and gain insights into the supply chain management for e-commerce. The advanced technological systems they had in place were impressive in optimizing efficiency and minimizing errors. The visit highlighted the importance of technology in improving warehouse management and meeting customer demands in the e-commerce industry. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to gain valuable insights into this dynamic field and expand my knowledge of e-commerce marketing strategies. A big thank you to the MSceBSCM Programme Office for organizing such an informative and memorable visit.”