The MSeBSCM was honored to have Ms. Mia join us on April 19th 2023 to share her job hunting experience for e-commerce, and data analysis employment prospects. The sharing session was divided into four parts: Mia’s self-introduction; the practical application of data analysis in different fields and the current tools for data processing, data mining, and data visualization;and Mia’s job-hunting experience in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


Mia obtained her Master’s degree from City University of Hong Kong after graduating from South China Normal University. She started her career in the Data Management and Analytics department at DBS Bank (Hong Kong), and currently works for a leading technology company as a risk manager. Her data analytics skills allow her to data mining, data modeling and data visualization, all of which drive effective problem-solving for diverse business challenges and optimize business outcomes.


In addition, Mia introduced the current tools for data processing, data mining, and data visualization. She introduced the use and advantages and disadvantages of Excel, Python, Qlik and other tools.


Lastly, Mia shared her job-hunting experience in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and discussed the advantages of recruitment “Agent” in Hong Kong. Her sharing gave the students a comprehensive understanding and recognition of the job market. Mia had an in-depth discussion with MSeBSCM students and answered various questions they had.


Students Quotes:

Zhang Jinghao: Although it was only one hour and a half to share, Mia made us understand that data analysis is a process from the inside out. The ultimate orientation of all work processes is how to solve the problems faced, of course, how to make the process orderly and efficient is also worth pondering. Finally, Mia shared how to find a job that suits yourself, which is also very helpful for us who are about to graduate and enter the society, thank you Mia Xue for the sharing session!


Zhuang Ziyang: Mia‘s sharing session gave us a broad perspective, not only introducing data analysis techniques, but also sharing cases of practical application of these technologies in her work. This gives us insight into how to apply the technology to solve real problems. In addition, Mia shared some data analysis tools and techniques. I learned a lot in this sharing session!


At the end of this fruitful sharing session,the Director of the MSeBSCM programme, Professor Yan Aihua, presented Mia with a souvenir from Lingnan University.

Thank you Mia for sharing!