The programme aims at:

  1. Strengthen students’ abilities to understand and use the information technologies that are necessary for supply chain operations in an eBusiness environment;
  2. Equip students with the management strategies for effectively using information technologies to achieve supply chain integration in the international and global context;
  3. Familiarize students with managing online and mobile business operations that are involved in a supply chain;
  4. Expose to students the benefits for an organization through incorporating the Internet into its supply chain operations;
  5. Foster students’ abilities in identifying the business changes resulting from the use of information technologies for organizational practices in supply chains.
Learning Outcomes

This programme focuses on the improvement of students’ management strategies and skills in supply chain operations in the eBusiness context, in addition to the education of information technologies. Accordingly, all teaching staffs in the programme will utilize a number of practical cases and managerial discussions in lecturing their courses. To help students understand the SCM-related issues in eBusiness, we will also encourage students to discuss important cases in class, and have interactive discussions with teachers after class in any convenient ways such as face-to-face talks, telephone conversations, email communications, and others, which are in line with the liberal arts education at Lingnan University.

Online Application (The application period is from 1 October 2023 to 31 May 2024)