The requirement for the award of the M.Sc. degree is the completion of a total of 30 credits, including TEN courses (6 required and 4 electives). The teaching pattern is normally a 3-hour lecture and/or seminar per week per course.  The normal duration for the M.Sc. programme is one year full-time study, and a student could extend his or her study up to the maximum duration of three years, which is subject to the approval of the Programme Director and the Head of the Department. Students would normally complete three required courses and two elective course in the first term (August to December), and three required courses and two elective courses in the second term (January to May).

A student who has passed the public, professional, and other examinations recognized by the University, or has successfully completed a similar course at an appropriate level offered by another tertiary institution, may apply for course exemption. A maximum of two courses (6 credits) are allowed to be exempted. The student has to take another course(s) on the programme to fulfill a total of 30 credits in order to graduate.

Programme Curriculum

Required Courses

CDS501 Fundamentals of Electronic Business

CDS502 Supply Chain Management in eBusiness

CDS503 Accounting and Financial Technology

CDS504 Business Data Analytics

CDS505 Mobile Technology and Applications in eBusiness

CDS506 Best Practices in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management

Elective Courses

CDS507 Legal Issues for eBusiness

CDS508 Electronic Marketing

CDS509 E-Commerce Implementation: Planning, Platform Selection, and Execution

CDS510 Social Media for eBusiness

CDS511 Project Management with Software

CDS512 Service Operations Management

CDS513 Purchasing and Logistics Management for eBusiness

CDS514 Information Systems Management

CDS515 Business Decision Making with Software

CDS521 Foundation of Artificial Intelligence

CDS527 Big Data Analytics

MIB602 Integrated Marketing Communications

The offering of elective courses is subject to sufficient demand and faculty availability.

Pre-entry Courses

Applicants with no or limited background in information systems management and statistics will be required to complete pre-entry courses, Information Systems Management and Statistics, in August prior to the start of this master programme. The number of pre-entry courses required to take by an applicant will depend on his/ her undergraduate study.

The pre-entry programme includes two courses as listed below:

1. Information Systems Management

2. Statistics


For progression, students are required to achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above in order to proceed to the next term. Students who cannot meet such GPA requirement will normally be put on academic probation in the following term or discontinued.


For graduation, students are required to complete a total of 10 courses (6 required and 4 electives) of 30 credits as specified in the programme curriculum, including “required” and “elective” courses. The minimum GPA requirement for graduation will be 2.67 for this programme. A student who has fulfilled all the requirements for graduation will be awarded a M.Sc. degree in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management issued by Lingnan University, subject to the satisfaction of University graduation requirements.

Online Application (The application period is from 1 October 2023 to 31 May 2024)